slide218899_18040The emergence of MI-ReqTM from MIWORX was the result of a business and clinical need to address paper requisitions in Diagnostic Services. When a large hospital corporation in Hamilton, Ontario began the process to centralize their Diagnostic Services booking offices across four disparate and geographically separated locations, they quickly realized they had a PAPER PROBLEM!!! Requests for Diagnostic Services exams were made by completing paper requisitions which were then faxed to the hospitals. The hospitals received the paper requisitions, reviewed them for completeness, logged them into their hospital information system and then filed them into paper folders. The paper folders were then distributed across multiple clinical personnel for review and ‘protocolling’ – once out in the clinical areas, the administrative staff had no method of tracking them, or ensuring they were returned in a timely manner for booking. As the hospitals embarked on their journey to central intake for diagnostic services they knew that paper would be a problem! The genesis of MI-ReqTM resulted.

A partnership between the hospital organization and MIWORX began. With design input from a team of clinicians, hospital administrators and information technology experts an automated, electronic solution for turning faxed paper requests into electronic requests was developed – improving access to care, reducing booking turnaround times, mitigating risk related to lost requisitions and creating operational cost savings for the hospitals.

MI-ReqTM provides centralized access to requests for service (requisitions) and referrals in a user-friendly web-based software technology that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Hospital administrators, clerical staff and physicians can access requests from any device to ensure management of requests in a timely manner to deliver quality patient care and manage wait lists across hospitals, regions or LHINs.

With intuitive menus, worklists and dashboards to display customizable key performance indicators significant operational improvements are quickly realized. Imagine knowing at a glance what referral types are being received, for which services…AND being able to proactively adjust access. Imagine reducing wait times and driving revenue or cost-savings as appropriate for your clinical environment. Everyone wins – your organization, your staff and most importantly – your patients!

The MI-ReqTM solution has continued to grow and develop over the years and continues to be deployed at additional hospitals in the Hamilton, Ontario area. 2 organizations, 7 hospitals and multiple departments have implemented the solution to electronically manage requests and referrals – with additional deployments in the works.

MIWORX has purposely focused on the referral process and process improvement within Healthcare to ensure timely access to care and services. Recognizing the increasing adoption of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) in community and specialty physician offices, an eReferral/eRequest portal allows physicians to transition from faxed paper requests and referrals. Physicians can now easily request Diagnostic Services through the MI-ReqTM eReferral portal or send referral requests for a variety of specialist services. Once submitted the referring physician and their medical secretaries can easily access the dashboard which displays the status of all of their patient requests across multiple services and organizations. The dashboard saves time for both the referring office and the booking office staff as phone calls for status updates are no longer necessary. MI-ReqTM is like Google Maps Navigation for Healthcare – pick the least travelled route or the express route and you save time! Patient Wait Time!

The receiving office also benefits from the transition to eReferrals/eRequests – the need to review referrals/requisitions for completeness or route to the right clinical personnel for protocolling/triage is eliminated. This further saves time – allowing staff to focus on key booking activities – improving service and reducing costs.

The staff at MIWORX have years of experience in healthcare, information technology and process improvement. We developed out of professional need to address issues related to paper requisitions in a Diagnostic Services environment and we bring with that a wealth of experience in process improvement, quality focus and care. Additional experience in government, private and public sector software development/implementations as well as project management provide our customers with a wealth of information across a continuum of business sectors to draw from.

MIWORX started with a transformative idea to address paper problems in the healthcare environment. Today, we continue to build on that concept and work with our customers to address transitions of care between providers, providing a safe, accessible access to care with MI-ReqTM and MI-Req eReferralTM solutions.