MI-Req Celebrates 6 Years with Hamilton Health Sciences

When Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) Diagnostic Imaging Department embarked on a plan to centralize their booking offices, they soon realized they had a ‘paper-problem’. The centralized booking office would be remote to the clinical areas – in some cases across the city – which would only emphasize the issues! HHS needed a way to convert their faxed paper requisitions into an electronic form that would be accessible anytime, anywhere. An electronic workflow that would automatically route requests to Radiologists and Nuclear Medicine Physicians for protocolling and then back to the booking clerks for appointment scheduling was required. MIWORX Inc. was engaged to develop a proof-of-concept solution and MI-Req was born!

6 years later MI-Req has been deployed across all imaging areas at Hamilton Health Sciences. Booking turnaround times have been reduced significantly and productivity of the booking clerks has increased by up to 50 percent. In addition MI-Req has improved patient quality of care, ensuring all requests for Diagnostic Imaging can be tracked and expedited as required, meeting all WTIS requirements for prioritization. In the last year, MI-Req has also been extended for use across Diagnostic Services areas at St. Joseph’s Healthcare, Hamilton. 700,000 requests for Diagnostic Services have been processed through MI-Req to date.

MIWORX is proud to be a part of the innovation in Hamilton! Thank you for 6 wonderful years, looking forward to more!

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