iStock_000016906289Medium (831 x 578)Does your Healthcare Centre suffer from…

Referral/Requisition Loss?

Staff Productivity Imbalances?

Management Headaches?



Most physicians refer their patients for Medical Imaging or Specialty Care by filling out a paper referral form. That referral is then FAXED to the Care Provider of their choice and the ‘PAPER PARALYSIS’ begins!

MI-Reqcan HELP!

MI-Req converts the faxed paper referral image into an electronic form that can be tracked and accessed anytime, anywhere. You are no longer paralyzed by paper… you are mobilized by an electronic workflow that facilitates and tracks throughout the referral and scheduling process to optimize your resources. Staff who rely on paper to drive their workload are less productive than staff who access and share their work electronically. Imagine if healthcare still relied on film for Xrays?

Take it a step further with MI-Req eReferral™!

Imagine receiving referrals via an easy-to use referring physician portal.  MI-Req eReferral forms are customized based on your needs, ensuring referral completeness and legibility.  No more messy handwriting or incomplete referral information – reduce efforts needed to send referrals back to the physician for correction.  MI-Req eReferral forms automatically enter your MI-Req workflow and route to your personnel reducing the need to process faxes.  MI-Req eReferrals appear in the SAME WORKLIST as your faxed referrals for protocolling/triaging and booking.  This will allow you to transition to a completely electronic referral system, eliminating paper completely!  Your referring physician offices always know the progress of their referral.  The MI-Req eReferral portal provides them with status updates as their request moves through the scheduling process.  No more phone calls asking if you received their request or booked their request.  A complete eReferral UTOPIA awaits you with MI-Req.

So why are you still relying on PAPER?

Paper-based workflow can lead to management headaches as it is difficult to gain insight into key business performance drivers. Management of staff and resources is labour-intensive as the energy required to gain information and knowledge relies  on counting or tracking paper. With MI-Req as your electronic workflow solution, you have access anytime, anywhere to   powerful reporting features that can provide valuable information enabling you to manage with confidence, not headache!

Empower your Workforce

  • Web-based application enables access anytime, anywhere
  • Task-based routing alerts the appropriate user group when there is a requisition ready for processing, protocolling or booking
  • Configurable for multiple sites with central or distributed booking offices — you define which users receive what tasks


  • ONE workflow and ONE worklist for eReferrals and fax requests
  • Fax images and attachments are aligned in the referral – no separate viewer required
  • Context-sensitive drop-down lists make protocolling easy
  • Quickly find patient records with full-text search
  • Flexible policies for automatic archival/disposal of referrals

The Power of Knowledge

  • Customer configurable real-time reports exportable to Excel
  • View metrics such as referral volume trends, booking turnaround time, staff productivity – the possibilities are endless!
  • User-configurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with drill-down facilitate effective operation

Reduce Wait Times

  • Improve Wait Time Priority Coding Compliance (WTIS)
  • Identify process bottlenecks
  • Provide BETTER Access to Care

Let MI-Req™ be YOUR next Business Case

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Hospitals using MI-Req have seen productivity improvements of up to 50%