MIWORX pioneers the transition to eReferral

Transitioning from faxed paper referrals to eReferral for most Diagnostic Services areas can be a daunting task! With 100s or easily 1000s of different referring physicians the transition to eReferral is NOT as simple as ‘FLICKING the SWITCH’. MI-Req can help!

Some of your referring physicians are ready – they have been asking for a while now, but others….well, they need more time!

Welcome to eReferral Implementation 101 with MIWORX

With MI-Req driving your referral workflow you can easily continue to accept faxed paper referrals while pioneering into the eReferral frontier. MI-Req provides ONE worklist and ONE workflow, regardless of the referral intake process – eReferral or faxed paper request.

AND the MI-Req eReferral portal provides customizable referral forms, ensuring required information is provided, reducing incomplete referrals that need to be returned. The forms are EASY and QUICK to complete so your referring physicians will be happy with their eReferral experience.

Automatic status updates to the referring physician office will also reduce unnecessary phone calls – wondering if your office received the request or if it has been booked.

Accessibility is key to your transition to eReferral. The MI-Req referral forms are built with a responsive design – meaning they will scale to any device being used to complete a referral – iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, etc.

MIWORX brings years of experience to you. Staff have lived your life – they have managed Diagnostic Services booking offices, they have transitioned staff and operations to central intake and they have implemented MI-Req in the largest hospital organizations in Southwestern Ontario. They are ready to support you and your staff – through Planning, Staff and End-User Engagement, Pre-Implementation Training, Go-Live Support and at the Finish Line when you celebrate your SUCCESS!

MI-Req allows CHOICE for your Referring Physicians and YOUR office. Transition to eReferral at your pace.

  • MI-Req allows your referring physicians to send eReferrals immediately or continue to use fax until ready
  • If a referral is submitted by Fax or eReferral, your staff can manage both in one, simple to use worklist
  • eReferral forms are customizable, easy to use and quick to complete
  • Faxes and clinical attachments are aligned in the referral for easy review
  • Referring Physician offices can track referral status updates via the eReferral Portal – reducing unnecessary phone calls between office staff looking for updates and information


Enabling you to see patients faster….Keeping your Patients, Staff AND Referring Physician HAPPY!!!

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