You can’t manage what you don’t know and Mi-Req can help!

MI-Req enables accessibility and tracking of referrals. You are no longer paralyzed by paper – you are mobilized by an electronic workflow that facilitates and tracks throughout the referral and scheduling process to optimize your resources. Staff who rely on paper to drive their workload are less productive than staff who access and share their work electronically. Imagine if healthcare still relied on film for X-Rays? Then, why are you still relying on PAPER? Paper-based workflow can lead to management headaches as it is difficult to gain insight into key business performance drivers. Management of staff and resources is labour-intensive as the energy required to gain information and knowledge relies on counting or tracking paper. With MI-Req as your electronic workflow solution, you have access anytime, anywhere to powerful reporting features that can provide valuable information enabling you to manage with confidence, not headache!

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